Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Ah, today i am glad this blog exists. On a day where guttedness has threatened to overwhelm me because my plan is different to His, its been good to notice the small things, to enjoy the moment, for my cup to be half full.
Whether its been walking onto campus this morning for Cell Training Prep with Tim Hughes soothing my ears with his voice and heart with the truth, or Luke's reaction to Hoops call to find out where he was ('who is it? what day is it?') or watching the first three episodes of early nineties cult classic Bucky O'Hare this afternoon, or sitting (and shivering) in the sun in Reading high street drinking coffee and watching the world go by with Nicola, today's been pretty full of little things that have made me happy...and thats been cool.

God is awesome, the God of the small things, the God of the big picture, the God who knows me and my needs, and other people and their needs better than anyone else. Hooray that He's in charge...thats pretty cool!

Monday, May 29, 2006


Becci had an idea to remember the great little things in life, the ones that would otherwise slip away unnoticed...So here i am joining her, and ceryn and kath and a couple of others in enjoying the moment...i've resisted long enough. The final decision was made for me by Rosemary, who revealed that the word for cool in French, literally means 'little owl', if that doesn't need further commemoration in the blogosphere, i don't know what does!

Number one:

Sitting in Jess's kitchen having lunch, talking about the future, the past, where we'll go, what we'll do. We haven't seen eachother much recently, so it was great to catch up. Nice to sit and talk whilst eating bread and cheese and sausage roles. Good to just chill out and be real with someone who knows me so well!